Sunday, June 24, 2012

teen ink vip

Ok, so you all know that I sent submissions in to teen ink. Well they just sent me a gmail and said that I had become a vip on their website because of the number of votes on my story! All of my votes got five stars!!!! That's amazing! I'm sending more short stories to be gone over so those can maybe get published, too. I wonder if this counts for publishing for scholarship applications. I hope it does because I really need that 20,000 dollar scholarship.....You have NO IDEA how much I need that money for college!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Ok so here's the latest writing news. I sent one of my short stories into the and it got published on their webpage!!!! yaaaaaay! Anyways it's called THE SIGHT and I'm really excited about it.

here's The Sight! go ahead and read it and vote on it. maybe you can help me get it published in the magazine too!

Monday, June 11, 2012


"You can live your whole life alone but you're never truly alone until there's no one left to love you." ~Danielle Standiford

A Painting

"Life is a painting, but who holds the brush?" ~Danielle Standiford

People Watching!

Why is it, when you're bored or lonelly you go to a public place to people watch? What is so interesting about other peoples' lives that you enjoy watching? Are you runing away from your own life by being an observer fo others? Or is it the mystery of life you're running from?

Sunday, June 3, 2012


"All fights are stupid. It's if you have too many of those stupid fights that make them serious." ~Danielle Standifor

Look at me like I'm a stranger!

Have you ever looked at someone that you know, like the way you look at a stranger? When you look at them you don't see the times you hung out or all the laughs you had, you just look at them. If you haven't....try it! Try to see in them what a stranger would see in them. I'm reading a book right now that speaks about glamours, but everyone is surrounded by glamours. Everyone has their own little secrets, and sometimes only people who don't know you can see those secrets. A secret that you keep well hidden from your friends and relatives might be really easy to spot from someone that just looks at you for a minute. Look at your friends like a stranger and the things that they try to keep hidden from you might become apparent.

Freaking out!

I'm silently freaking out right now. I have four days until the end of junior year/the begging of senior year, six days until my ACT, and soon it will be SUMMER! maybe I'm excited for the last part. Everything is changing. I read a book once that said: "You haven't grown up until you could go back to the past and change it." I guess that means I'm growing up...and that scares me, too.

Friday, June 1, 2012


"I wish I could stop pretending. I wish I could make it all better....Life goes on I guess...Life goes on." ~Danielle Standiford