Friday, July 27, 2012

My Sister and I, The Daughters! (random short stories)

It's not that I hate the people in my school. In fact, my sister and I, are friends with quite a lot of people. We're not popular only because we dont want to be. Popularity always comes with a price. There's the fact that if you're popular everyone expects you to do drugs with them or have alcoholic parties, which isn't cool at all. Then there's the guys who think just because you're popular you'll put out. Sorry, but it's not gonna happen that way. Yes, popularity always comes with a price, which is why my sister and I shun most of the poeple in my school. Not because we hate them, but because we don't want to deal with it.
My sister, the carbon copy of me, has brown hair and eyes that if you look closely you can see green, blue, and brown. Our birth parents? We don't really know who they are, but we love the people who raised us. They're more than anything we could've hoped for. My sister and I both love to read, write, and well....learn. But what we love to do more than anything is our martial arts training.
We started out doing Karate when we were five and we excelled in it so much we had black belts in the next couple months. We then proceded to foil, a European type of sword fighting. The year after that we turned to real sword fighting; and the year after that we were throwing Shurikens that were so sharp that if you touched the blade you would risk cutting off your finger. We continued to circulate around the martial arts until, by the age of 13, we were master fighters.
We're sixteen years old now and can still beat the crap out of every douche bag that trys to mess with us, but the question that comes to both of our minds whenever we pick up a foil or Shuriken...why? Why were we so good at fighting? Why did we love winning them so much? In fact, we were so brutal when we were fighting we sometimes had to have people come in and pull us off our oponents. We didn't mean to really hurt people when we started fighting but we went into a haze when we picked up a weapon. Like sharks when they smell blood. So why did that happen?
The night we found out the answer was the night we found out we were the key to the beggining of the apacolypse