Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Twisted time

Now think about the time like it was a pool. Think about if you hated yourself enough and time travel was a possability. Now this is very weird of me to think of but..... If your future self went back in time to kill you're past self during the present (your present not your future selfs present) then would you see yourself die twice or would you not exsist to see yourself die? Then if you didn't exsist to see yourself die then how could you kill yourself? In my opinion you would see your past self die and then your present and future self would stop exsisting altogether AFTER you commited the act. This, of course, is my opinion... Why don't you tell me yours?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The difference between fat and overweight!

"I noticed today something that will help me through the rest of the year in highschool and all my years in college. I noticed that there is a difference between fat and overweight. When someone is being mean they will call you fat, but when you go to the doctors they tell you you're overweight. Why do they use such different words? For a while I believed that whenever I went to the doctor and they said that I was overweight, I thought they were using a nice word just to call me fat. The difference I realized today, is that they're not calling me fat.
Last year in Money and Banking my teacher told me you can't be broke unless you make yourself broke. He said that being broke was a state of mind. You can be poor, but unless you believe yourself to be broke you wont be. Isn't "Fat" and "overweight" the same thing?
Being overweight is a fact! I admit I'm overweight. But I'm not fat! "Fat" is a state of mind! You can't be fat unless you believe you're fat.
There's also one more thing that helps me get through stuff. It's something my mom always told me and it's good for others to know also:
'You have the power to change what you look like. If you think your overweight, then go running. Only you can change that about yourself. Only you have the power to change that about yourself. None of those other people can do it for you. Not the doctors, not the jerks in school, and not even your family. Only you! Your body is yours to deal with, and yours alone.' "

~Danielle Standiford