Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Calm before the storm

So, I've been terribly busy lately. I don't know why though. I have a job where I work, well I work more now then I did at housekeeping, but I work during the week so I have weekends (mostly) off. You would think that that would mean I have a lot of more time to do things but NO. For some reason, though I say "some reason" I actually know the reason, my stack of homework is getting larger and larger. So, I know that I only have about 5 weeks left of class including this week and not including finals week, but what REALLY is bringing up my stress level isn't the homework really; its the grades. I know what you're thinking "isn't that the same thing?" NO! It isn't. Not when you have a teacher that gives you a zero on a bibliography because of only two simple mistakes. All I did was forget to put the publication date and then alphabetize the bibliography, but I get a zero out of forty? Well that means that my grade is now an F and I only have about 5 weeks to get it up. How will I do that you ask? Why don't you tell me. I just want a passing grade that doesn't bring down my GPA...like a B. Is that so much to ask? Is it? It's gonna take a lot of work to get to that point. A lot of work and less time. Why cant it be summer? Why cant I be writing this at the computer at home knowing that all I have to do is work and then have fun? Why cant I have endless bonfires and the sound of crickets at night?
Last night the sky was beautiful with the dull hue of a storm approaching. The calm gentle greyness is what I love most about storms. It's the suspense leading to the sky opening and letting loose this awesome power. The rain pelting down and the sky letting loose a deafening CRACK of lightning that bashes away everyone's hopes of sunlight. The one moment of calmness before the world is torn asunder: that's what I love about storms. Yet yesterdays storm kinda scared me.
My life is the storm right now, wheres spring break must have been the calm before the storm. It didn't feel like that though. I felt just as stressed then as I am now. My last couple months have been hell. I was sick, started to feel better, got sick again all while I was working two jobs. Then I was working one job and it was spring break but I still wasn't feeling well (still a little sick) and my brother was up from Mississippi so everything was endless visiting with my brother or babysitting my nephew. Then after spring break (the supposed calm) I went to staying at my aunt roni's house while she was away, school, and work. And NOW.....now I'm at school, work, and endless hours of homework trying to get a passing grade.....Seriously....I'm about to break....Lets just hope I can make it until May. Then maybe the sky will lighten and sun will peak through and everything will be right with the world until the next storm comes.