Tuesday, February 11, 2014

waiting for anti-valentines day

So, my friend Katlyn and I made plans to go to this anti valentines day party at the majestic theater on friday. I was originally going to stay home and wallow in self pity, but my parents weren't going to go out if I did, so I asked Katlyn if she wanted to go dancing.

I am ever so glad I made these plans now that it's tuesday and my parents had a little spat and aren't talking to each other. I don't even have the advantage of reading to ignore it because I'm reading a bibliography (another one) for my history class. That sucks because now I have to hear my dad tell me my mom is a bitch and I actually have to comment "hey shut up I'm not taking a side in this". And I have to force my mom to eat because she's not hungry when she's mad.

So in doing all this I can just think "It's just until Friday", which if I was staying home I probably would have to deal with it because I'm not sure they're feeling very "happy valentines day" this year.

So that's that. Again, thank you Katlyn for being there for me. For my other friends, thanks; even though you all have boyfriends so you aren't really invited to go with us lol. Thanks, also to the random people that read my blog.

Maybe I'll actually enjoy this valentines day....we'll see.

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